Xeriscaping with Style – Part 9


If you don’t already know what you want from your landscape, now is the time to decide. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I want my yard to look like?
  • What functions do I want my yard to serve?
  • Do I want color and shade in my yard?
  • Do I want my landscape to help conserve energy?
  • Do I want to create wildlife habitat in my yard?
  • Do I want a play area?
  • Do I want a quiet place to relax?
  • Do I want an entertainment area?
  • Where would be the best places for functional areas like a pool or spa, a play area, a relaxation area, a vegetable garden – close to the house? away from the house? in plain view? out of sight? – and how large should they be?
  • What do I want to see when I look out my windows?

Start a wish list by writing down the answers to these questions. After completing the list, put it away for a while. Then look at it again to see if you have changed your mind or forgotten anything. Revise the list accordingly.

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