Residential Seasonal Lawn Cleanup

Like every other part of your property, your lawn and landscaping sections require consistent routine maintenance and care. This includes seasonal lawn cleanup tasks. The specific tasks involved in the cleanup process can vary depending on the particular time of year when the job is performed. At certain times of year, there are specific concerns and issues that would be a primary focus of the cleanup process.

  • Spring Cleanup

    During the spring cleanup procedure, our team will clean all beds to remove leaves and other debris that have accumulated over the winter. We will also clear out and remove any dead foliage and leaves that make your property look unattractive and may negatively impact the healthy growth of your greenery. We can also handle the cleaning of eaves, along with fertilizing tasks and refreshing granite surfaces.

  • Fall Cleanup

    During our fall cleanup phase, we clean out all beds to remove leaves and other debris that may have piled up over the summer and fall. This process also entails blowing all turf areas, along with cutting and raking dead foliage from plant beds. We also perform a granite refresh, if needed. At the same time, we ensure that all other necessary steps are taken to best prepare your lawn for the upcoming winter.

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