Residential Lawn Seeding & Fertilization

Lawn seeding and fertilization is essentially a landscaping process that can give birth to a new lawn, or bring a neglected or unhealthy lawn back to life. This is a fundamental, basic process that serves as a core element of a comprehensive landscaping strategy.

  • An Essential First Step

    Lawn seeding and fertilization can also serve as the foundation upon which the entire landscaping program is developed. Without this first initial step, it would be nearly impossible to achieve the ultimate landscaping goals of cultivating a beautiful and healthy lawn.

  • Bringing Lawns Back to Life

    Bare, weak or unhealthy lawns can be rejuvenated and healed through the process of lawn seeding and fertilization. This can often be a way to accomplish the desired goal of a thriving and beautiful lawn, without total lawn reconstruction.

  • A Convenient and Budget-Friendly Solution

    This landscaping process is more convenient and cost-effective than alternatives that require more significant excavation of the lawn. The reduced labor and fewer man-hours results in lower costs for the property owner. In addition, the process can be completed more quickly with fewer hassles and inconveniences to the residents. This is a great solution for those who are seeking a way to bring a sad-looking lawn back to life.

  • Timing and Schedule

    As with many other landscaping tasks, seeding and fertilization must be performed at specific intervals. Timing is critical for best results. The best time to do this is in the spring or early fall, a maximum of four times per year. Our landscape technicians can monitor the lawn conditions and apply as needed.

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