Residential weekly lawn care & Maintenance

The backbone of any residential landscaping strategy is ongoing routine lawn care and maintenance. This is essential to ensure the lawn continues to thrive and always looks beautiful and healthy. A lawn that starts out gorgeous can quickly begin to deteriorate if it is neglected or isn’t maintained on a sufficiently frequent basis.

Mowing & Trimming

Mowing is of course the most obvious and basic task involved with routine lawn maintenance. No matter how big or small the property area may be, our landscape technicians will ensure that every inch of the lawn is mowed properly. We will maintain the lawn at the optimum height for a well-maintained appearance. That designated height can be adjusted as needed, such as when necessary to accommodate drought conditions.


Don’t underestimate the importance of professional edging performed by a knowledgeable landscaping professional. The perimeter of the lawn serves as its frame. If the edges are messy or unattractive, this will negatively impact the lawn’s overall appearance. We carefully ensure that borders along curbs, walks and driveways are edged precisely to achieve a smooth, crisp boundary line.


Weeding is a surprisingly challenging process that requires special expertise. This entails striking a delicate balance, as there will always be a certain amount of weeds in a healthy lawn situation. The key is to address harmful weeds while still preserving the health of the lawn as a whole. Our process involves pulling larger weeds and using a herbicide spray to control smaller weeds.