Elephant Food Plant

Elephant’s food is a small-leaved succulent plant from the Portulacaceae family and is also called: Elephant Bush, Small Leaf Jade, Dwarf Jade Plant, Porkbush, & Spekboom in Afrikaans, since it is native to South Africa.

Elephant Food is a soft-wooded, semi-evergreen upright shrub or small tree, usually 8 – 15 inches tall and is similar in appearance to the “jade plant”. It is a small tree or succulent shrub and often used for bonsai.

The Elephant food plant can be grown in full sun in Phoenix or Tucson and therefore is an ideal xeriscape plant. It also can be grown in semi-shade in dry areas or even in well-watered flowerbeds. It tolerates a moderate degree of frost, especially when mature.


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