Leaf Roller Damage on Arizona Honeysuckles

Often honeysuckle and yellow bells in Arizona are suseptible to “leaf roller” disease.
Skeletonized leaves,  leaves ‘rolled’ up and little black dots (insect poop) indicate shrubs that are suffering from ‘leaf rollers’, which are tiny caterpillars that roll the leaf around them while they eat.  It is hard to spot the caterpillars themselves, but the damage they cause, usually makes it easy to diagnose.
There are ways to get rid of them, here are some options:
1. Prune off the affected growth and dispose of the leave in the trash.
2. Treat your shrub using a biological pesticide that contains BT (Bacillus thuringiensis),  which is ingested by the caterpillars.  BT basically ‘eats’ its way from the caterpillar’s stomach outward.
3. Use an insecticide spray to kill the leaf rollers.
4. Apply a systemic insecticides around the plant to be taken up by the roots.
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