Hanging Basket Ideas

NEW GUINEA IMPATIENS(Impatiens ‘New Guinea’ hybrids)
Best traits—A good choice for a summer bloomer, the New Guinea variety of impatiens is more sun-loving than other types of impatiens. Flowers range from pink to red and orange to white. Its lush-looking foliage offers exotic appeal in the garden. 
Growing tips—
This low-maintenance annual does best with morning sun and afternoon shade. Avoid fertilizing the first two weeks after planting to encourage rooting. After that, fertilize lightly but regularly. Keep moist, as under-watered plants die quickly. To retain moisture, top with mulch.
LAGUNA™ SKY BLUE LOBELIA(Lobelia erinus ‘Sky Blue’)
Best traits—Pretty blue flowers appear on this cascading, compact low-maintenance plant. While most lobelias do not fare well once temperatures soar, this variety is considered heat-tolerant. Butterflies are drawn to its wealth of blooms, which resemble those on salvia plants.
Growing tips—
Laguna prefers sun to part shade and does not like wet feet, so be sure to allow the soil surface to dry between waterings. Plant alone or in combination with other flowers. No deadheading is required.
GARDEN NASTURTIUM(Tropaeolum majus)
Best traits—Fast growing and quick to bloom, this garden favorite produces flowers in jewel-like tones. With leaves that resemble lily pads and blossoms that look as though they were made of tissue paper, nasturtiums are standouts in the landscape. These prolific self-seeders also make good cut flowers.
Growing tips—
Usually started from seed, nasturtium does best in full sun to light shade. For hanging baskets, choose the trailing variety over bushy types. Water as needed. Avoid over-fertilizing, or you will sacrifice flowers for foliage growth.
Best traits—Fairly new to the nursery scene, this petunia look-alike is among the easiest plants to grow and is a favorite of hummingbirds. With its cascading habit and profusion of flowers—which range from yellow to pink to purple—this disease-resistant annual provides a riot of color in the landscape.
Growing tips—
Plant in sun to light shade in well-draining soil. Water and fertilize regularly. To avoid root rot, allow the top layer of soil to dry out before watering again. Deadheading is not necessary.

Other favorites:
Asparagus fern, cosmos, dianthus, donkey tail, fleabane, monkey flower, portulaca, salvia, trailing verbena, wandering jew.

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