Xeriscaping with Style – Part 15


The best way to design a house is to develop a plan and make a drawing. The same is true for a landscape. It is easier to visualize your plan when it’s put on paper. Drawings also serve as a reality check to make sure all of the landscape components are the right size and in the proper location. Also, a drawing helps to make changes easier and will provide a permanent listing of all of the plant and hardscape materials used in your yard. When it comes time to repair and replace irrigation system components, your irrigation system design drawing will help to locate them easily. Without a drawing, you may spend hours digging in the yard to find and repair an irrigation problem.

Check the Rules!

During the research process, don’t forget to consider any guidelines or restrictions imposed by your city, builder or homeowners association. Now is the time to review these and plan for any necessary applications or approvals.

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