Winter Concerns for Arizona Residential Landscaping

Winter Concerns for Arizona Residential Landscaping At this time of year, there are certain concerns that property owners will have with regards to residential landscaping, and steps they must take to ensure their plants, shrubs and trees stay healthy until spring. Overlooking even a minor detail can risk the well-being of these precious plants, decreasing their chances of survival or at the very least negatively impacting their health and appearance.

While most Arizona regions obviously don’t have to deal with the harsh winter weather that plagues many other parts of the country, this doesn’t mean there aren’t specific winter gardening and landscaping challenges that residents of this area must consider.

One of the biggest concerns at this time of year is cold (and strong) winter winds that can be tough on trees and plants.

This is a time when dormant bulbs must be sprayed and maintained. Property owners must keep tabs on any freeze warnings to ensure their tender plants are properly protected. This is also a time to finish planting summer bulbs, and to prepare for the upcoming growing season. Flowers and fruit trees must also be pruned during this season. Those who have vegetable gardens will also likely plant certain types of vegetables at this time.

Many plants and other greenery in this area have learned to adapt to local weather and climate conditions throughout the year, although they may need special attention during winter months to ensure their survival. Other types of plants may not look their best during the heart of winter, but will usually manage to survive until spring when they will rebound.

Our team here at Corona Landscape are experts in local plant and vegetation needs, and we know how to ensure plants stay healthy and happy all year round. We can keep your landscaping looking its best during winter and every other season.