Why Xeriscapes area Great Mesa Landscape Option

XeriscapeWhen contemplating garden and landscaping options for a property in the local area, you might want to think about a xeriscape. They are becoming increasingly popular for local residents who want their properties to look nice, but who are also mindful about conserving precious resources.

For those not familiar with the term, xeriscaping is a word that was coined years ago (most stories credit it to a water conservation group in Colorado). It is based on the Greek word for dry, “xeros,” combined with landscaping.

Xeriscapes are landscaping arrangements that are based on several main principles. They are designed to be low-maintenance, while also placing a major emphasis on conserving water. In essence, this is about choosing beautiful yet climate-appropriate plant options that will be able to thrive in local conditions without requiring excessive maintenance or water resources. You might think of this approach as working with Mother Nature, rather than trying to fight what is usually a losing battle in attempting to get inappropriate plant life to adapt to local conditions.

Despite the fact that the word is based on a synonym for dry, it’s a common misconception that xeriscapes are dry, barren spaces. It is possible to create a xeriscape area that looks lush, healthy and thriving while still adhering to the core tenets of the landscaping approach.

The key is to select plant varieties that are conducive to the local conditions. This would often involve taking local weather conditions and rainfall trends into account. There are plenty of options that would work, ranging from an assortment of vines and herbs to flowers like daisies and daffodils. You can also use various exotic grasses and drought tolerant plants to help fill out the space. You would want to arrange the layout so that the plants requiring the most water and maintenance are closest to the living or gathering spaces, where they will be most prominent and noticeable.

While plant selection is the first step, smart tactics can also help in avoiding water waste. This would include the strategic use of mulching, along with efficient, well-designed irrigation systems. Using composted materials and carefully chosen barks for mulch can also help encourage water conservation and reduce moisture loss from the soil.

To create an impressive xeriscape that will look amazing while also thriving in the local climate, you need to enlist the help of a landscaping company that is familiar with the local environment of Mesa, Chandler and the surrounding areas. Corona Landscape has been providing landscaping services to local residents and businesses for a long time, and we can create a unique and beautiful xeriscape for your property.