What to Expect from a Great Ahwatukee Landscaper

Ahwatukee landscaperOver the years landscapers have given themselves a reputation here in the Valley and countrywide. Landscapers (not us of course) have been known to show up late, finish the job late, postpone jobs and surprise you with unplanned costs. At Corona Landscape we believe Valley residents should be expecting more out of an Ahwatukee landscaper, which is why we are dedicated to breaking the landscaper stereotype and providing you with exceptional service.

What you should expect and receive from an Ahwatukee landscaper

  1. Timeliness – Not only should we arrive when we say we will, we should also finish the job when we say we will. Sometimes circumstances such as rain, bad equipment or sickness slow us down, but your landscaper should work even harder in those times to make sure your landscaping is done when you expect it to be.
  2. Cost-effectiveness – Having a landscaper should not put you in debt; it should be a reasonable cost for your size yard and required maintenance. A great way to ensure you are getting a good deal is to call around to a few different landscapers and get estimates. But remember, it’s not always smart to go with the cheapest company because they don’t always do the best job and you could end up paying another landscaper even more to fix the problems – find the best landscaper for the job, and if all else is equal, then chose the least expensive.
  3. Customer service – You should always feel like your landscaper is accommodating you kindly and professionally. This person is going to be in charge of your landscape and around your home frequently, they should treat you and your property with respect. A good landscaper will listen to what you want and need and patiently explain obstacles, options and solutions.

Credibility – Finding an Ahwatukee landscaper that is licensed, bonded and insured is important. This will ensure that the job is done well and that you or the company is not held responsible for any damages or injuries that may occur while working at your home. The company can prove their status by providing you with their ROC number which you can verify through azroc.gov.