What the Pros do for Winter Landscaping in Arizona

winter landscapingProper winter landscaping in Arizona is important because the native plants that grow in our desert climate need to be given special attention during the winter months. Even though the winter is mild in Arizona the desert plants are affected by the cooler temperatures. Plus you want to prepare your landscaping for the warmer temperatures when spring arrives. Here are some tips that professional landscapers use for winter landscaping in Arizona.

Tree Pruning

The winter months are a good time to have your trees and large shrubs pruned. The cooler weather reduces the shock to the trees and ensures that they will grow well in the spring. Citrus trees can be pruned in February or March after the fruits have been picked.

Reduce Watering

Winter is the time to cut back on water usage. Sprinkling schedules can be reduced significantly from the harsh summer months; lawns can be watered less and tree watering schedules can be reduced from twice a week to once a week or less.

Winter Lawns

People who have lawns like to keep it lush and green all year long. But if it does not receive proper attention during the change of seasons you will have a dull brown lawn. Seed your lawn with ryegrass and sprinkle it with fertilizer to ensure having a green lawn all winter.

New Native Planting

Select some well adapted or native plants that not only perform well with little water but also reflect the beauty of Arizona. Plant some native plants such as agave and mesquite as well as some of the Mediterranean plants such as rosemary which does well in the winter and thrives under the hot sun. For suggestions on the types of flowering plants to put in, see our blog post titled “Autumn Landscaping in Arizona”.

Desert Landscaping

Rock gardens can be added during the winter months. They usually incorporate drought-tolerant plants which do not require a lot of care and the stones offer a nice décor that enhances the look of the garden. Now is also the time to get creative in improving the landscaping such as adding stucco-walled raised flower beds.

The cooler months offer a unique time for winter landscaping in Arizona. Using the cool months to change and modify your landscaping, you can ensure that you have a beautiful home all year round.   If you would like to discuss winter landscaping, contact Corona Landscape today at 602-373-9100 or contact us here.