Tips for Tempe Landscape Maintenance

Temp landscape maintenanceKeeping your landscaping properly maintained improves the look of your home as well as prevents disputes with neighbors and local housing association code enforcement agencies. Tempe landscape maintenance is a bit different than most areas of the country, though, due to the desert climate. Taking it one step at a time will result in a beautiful landscape.


The lawn is one of the first things people will notice about your yard. Therefore, you will want to keep it maintained. The first method to ensure you have a nice looking lawn is to make sure you have planted both types of grass. Because we live in the desert, there are two types of grass to keep your lawn looking green; Bermuda for the summer and Rye for the winter. Next, ensure you mow your grass properly. Do not be tempted to cut the grass short with the idea that you will have to mow less frequently. Keep your mower blade high to encourage healthy growth and to avoid stressing the grass.

To keep your lawn green during the summer, water it three times per week. Water in the evening or early in the morning to ensure the majority of water goes into the ground and is not lost to evaporation.


Trees add beauty to the landscape, but if they are not maintained they begin to look unsightly. In the springtime trees are putting out new leaves and branches and starting to flower. This is a good time to trim out any suckers, prune dead branches and to put mulch around the base of the tree. Trees should be pruned after they have finished flowering; in the desert this is usually February or March, especially with citrus trees. To maintain an attractive look, rake up fallen leaves when they drop.


Shrubs soften the edges of your home by adding a bit of green. They need to be maintained regularly, though, or they will become overgrown. In the springtime, feed the shrubs with a balanced fertilizer and add a 2- to 3-inch layer of mulch around them. Since we have year-round sun in the desert, Tempe landscape maintenance means keeping up with the shrubs’ year-round growth: prune them regularly in order to keep them looking nice. During the summer heat, water shrubs deeply once a week.


Perennial and annual flowers add color to your landscape. Perennials can be planted in fall or in the spring. Annuals are planted mainly in the spring. During the growing season, flowers should be watered according to their needs. Most flowers will benefit from being fertilized at least three times; once when you plant them, again when buds begin to form and once more during flowering. As the flowers on your plants begin to fade, pluck off the dead ones. This keeps the plant tidy and encourages it to flower again. When the leaves on the perennials turn yellow, trim the plant to the ground. Annuals, on the other hand, can be pulled up and discarded once they fade.

Tempe landscape maintenance is always a challenge due to the desert climate. For more tips or help with your landscaping, contact Corona Landscape today at 602-373-9100 or send us an email.