Tips For Choosing Specialist for Landscaping in Ocotillo, Part 2

In part 1 of this blog post we provided a few tips for choosing a specialist for landscaping in Ocotillo. This blog post will continue to provide information about choosing an Ocotillo landscaping specialist.

Be sure to hire only as much help as you need. If you only want a planting plan for an existing garden bed, you do not need the services of a specialist for landscaping in Ocotillo you can simply consult a master gardener. However, if you are unsure what services you need it is best to consult with a landscaping specialist.

If you are searching for the name of experienced and reputable designers a few resources to consider are local design magazines and your state’s American Society of Landscape Architects chapter.

Once you have created a list of possible landscape architects, conduct a few phone interviews and see what kind of information you can gather. Ask for a portfolio or whether you can see some samples of their work to ensure you are comfortable with their style. You can also ask if any of their work has been published in magazines or books or ask if there are any projects in your area that you can examine in person.  Finally, invite promising a specialist for landscaping in Ocotillo to your property for an estimate and be sure to choose a specialist with whom you can easily communicate.

An Ocotillo landscaping specialist’s goal should be to take the day-to-day hassle out of maintaining your landscape by offering a variety of services and developing a long-term relationship with you. An Ocotillo landscaper should be able to provide weekly or bi-weekly service, or a custom schedule to fit your maintenance needs.

For more information about landscaping in Ocotillo, contact Corona Landscape.