Tempe Landscaping Tips: Maintain Your Beautiful Lawn

A front, back or side lawn in Arizona can provide a beautiful recreational area for you and your family as well as help keep surrounding structures cool. These lawns, however, can require considerably more Tempe landscaping care and water than desert-adapted plants, so you may want to consider limiting the size of your lawn areas or consider alternatives such as shade trees and shredded bark. This blog post will provide Tempe landscaping tips to help you maintain beautiful, healthy and water-efficient lawn areas.

Tempe Landscaping: Watering

The key to proper watering is to apply no more water than necessary and to water your lawn deeply. Only water your lawn areas often enough to avoid wilt. You will want to water your lawn areas long enough to move water four to six inches into the soil. You can check the depth with a long screwdriver or probe. The screwdriver will move easily through moist soil and will be resistant where the soil is dry. The best time to water your lawn areas is during the morning hours when it is cool. This helps prevent fungus-growth and minimizes evaporation.

Tempe Landscaping Tips: Watering

  • After rain, reduce your irrigations accordingly
  • If water runs off your turf areas, irrigate your lawn more often and for shorter periods
  • Water shaded lawn areas roughly 30 percent less than sunny areas
  • Replace broken or faulty sprinklers immediately
  • Adjust sprinkler heads so they do not spray sidewalks, driveways or walls

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