Tempe Landscaping Company, Corona Landscape, Recommends Homeowners Prepare Now to Plant Winter Lawns

Tempe landscaping company, Corona Landscape, recommends homeowners prepare now to winterize their lawns. With summer’s Bermuda grass soon to become dormant, homeowners who want green lawns in the winter need to plant Rye grass. Winter lawns should be seeded during October or when night temperatures consistently reach 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

“Visitors and newcomers to the Valley often find it unusual that we have different grasses for summer and winter months,” said Ed Bambauer, owner of Corona Landscape. “Bermuda grass tolerates the triple digit summer temperatures, but becomes dormant as temperatures fall.

“Seeding with a Rye grass provides a green lawn throughout the winter months,” continued Bambauer. “Then, around May as temperatures start to rise, the dormant Bermuda grass begins to grow again without having to be reseeded.”

To plant your winter lawn with Rye seed, Bambauer recommends scalping your summer Bermuda grass so that the Rye seeds will have contact with the soil. After scalping, the Rye seed is planted over the existing Bermuda grass. The process requires that the lawn sprinklers be turned off at least two weeks prior to scalping.

A winter lawn will start to die when temperatures reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit. No seeding is required for the summer Bermuda grass if it was previously planted. This planting cycle repeats each year with Rye seeding for winter lawns in October and Bermuda summer grass re-growing itself in May.

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