Tempe Landscaping Company, Corona Landscape, Provides Winter Tips for Arizona Homeowners

Tempe landscaping company, Corona Landscape, has outlined several suggestions for winter landscaping. At this time of year, homeowners need to cover sensitive plants at night, fertilize over-seeded lawns, and apply pre-emergent weed control.

“Winter maintenance is every bit as important if you want to have a healthy, great-looking landscaping all year-round,” said Ed Bambauer, owner of Corona Landscape. “Cold weather requires you do some special things to protect your lawn and plants so they’ll return healthy in the spring.”

In Maricopa County, the average first frost date varies from November 21 to December 12; and the last frost date ranges from February 7 to April 3. Although frost-sensitive plants should be covered when temperatures drop, homeowners should be careful not to over-protect plants.

Also, homeowners who have over-seeded their lawns with ryegrass to keep their grass green during the winter months need to fertilize. By applying a thin layer of organic fertilizer each winter month, homeowners can add appropriate nutrients to insure healthy growth.

Finally, landscape maintenance usually requires regular weed control. One of the most effective ways to control weeds is to apply pre-emergent herbicide that prevents unwanted growth. Pre-emergent works best when applied at appropriate intervals.

By following these simple tips, Arizona homeowners can help create and maintain a healthy winter landscape that will transition well into next year’s growing season.