Tempe Landscaping Company, Corona Landscape, Provides Spring Landscaping Advice for Arizona Homeowners

Tempe landscaping company, Corona Landscape, offers several suggestions for homeowners to adequately prepare for their spring landscaping needs. Since the threat of frost has likely passed, homeowners should focus on cutting back some of their frost damaged plants beginning in now to mid March. The goal is to prepare plant life for the upcoming growing season.

For example, homeowners can prune some grasses and deciduous trees right now. Ornamental grasses such as certain Muhlenbergia species or grama grasses can be cut back to the ground to rejuvenate. On the other hand, deer grass should be left alone. Spent stalks of aloes, agaves and other succulents can be removed at this time as well. In fact, homeowners should focus on a general yard and plant cleanup at this time.

“The warmer weather brings an urge to get outside and start doing yard work,” said Ed Bambauer, owner of Corona Landscape. “Mid-February through March is the perfect time for planting, trimming and cutting back plants to promote new spring growth.”

Homeowners with citrus trees can start to pick the fruit during March. Allowing fruit to drop to the ground should be avoided. Downed citrus allows fruit to rot quicker and attracts roof rats. Any excess fruit can be taken to Valley food banks. After picking fruit, citrus trees should be fertilized beginning in mid-February.

In addition, the homeowner needs to water citrus trees thoroughly before and after fertilization. They should also water all plants, including wildflowers at this time since rainfall has been somewhat scarce over the past winter months.

The February-March time frame is also when homeowners need to treat weeds. Homeowners can either pull weeds by hand or use post-emergent for weeds in granite areas. Grass areas need to be treated for weeds as well. A selective weed killer needs to be used in the lawn.

Finally, March is a perfect time to get an irrigation tune-up. Replacing batteries in the controller and checking for leaks is part of a basic maintenance program. Homeowners should also re-bury any lines that may have surfaced.

By following a few basic tips for Spring landscaping, homeowners will be able to enjoy a beautiful, lush yard in the months ahead.

For additional information on Tempe landscaping and spring lawn care, contact Corona Landscape today or continue to read out blog for lawn care tips.

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