Tempe Landscape Maintenance: Weed Control, Part 2

In part 1 of this blog post we discussed numerous methods of weed control and specifically focused on weed control in gravel areas. In this blog post we will provide Tempe landscape maintenance tips for weed control in lawn areas.

In lawn areas, the best way to prevent weeds is by maintaining a healthy Tempe landscape. A healthy lawn will out-compete most weeds and regular maintenance will remove the growing tips of most weeds. Chemical treatment should only be practiced on well-established lawns as newly seeded and installed lawns are commonly injured by chemical agents.

Pre-emergent herbicides are effective in preventing seeds from sprouting and are most effective in gravel areas. Homeowners should not use pre-emergent herbicides on their Tempe landscape if they plan to establish a hybrid Bermuda grass lawn. Pre-emergent herbicides can commonly be purchased from your local home improvement store or nursery. Pre-emergent herbicides should be applied to your Tempe landscape in April to control summer weeds an in September to control winter weeds.

Homeowners should avoid using total vegetation killers. These products will kill existing vegetation, continue to live in the soil for a number of years and can seep into surrounding areas of your Tempe landscape and affect or kill plants.

Also, be careful when using weed control products that contain 2-4-D. These products are designed for cooler temperatures and should not be used on your Tempe landscape. In warmer months, this product volatilizes and can cause extreme damage to your landscape as this gas drifts through the air.

Finally, remember to always follow the directions on the label of your weed control products and if you have any questions contact your local Tempe landscape maintenance architect for more information.

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