Spring Lawn Care in Phoenix Schedule and Tips

If you haven’t already began your Spring lawn care in Phoenix, April is the time to start so you can enjoy lush, green grass around your home or in your backyard for the Summer. Spring is the time to stop summer weeds in their tracks but spreading pre-emergence herbicide to stop weeds before they began to sprout. This will also help control crabgrass. For the best results, pre-emergence herbicides should be spread on your lawn as early as possible in the Spring so it has the longest period of time to work against weeds.

Spring is also time to begin fertilizing your lawn. A professional landscaper can test your lawn to tell you what you need to fertilize, since grass grows between an optimal pH balance. You will need to use fertilizer with lime to raise the pH if it too low or sulfur to lower the pH if it is too high.

If your lawn has already began to start growing, its time to dust off the lawn mower and begin mowing. You don’t want to let your lawn go early in Spring, as thatch can build up and ruin your lawn. Thatch is a layer of old, dead grass that can build up and prevent air, water and the needed nutrients from arriving to your lawn’s roots. Always remove thatch before the grass really starts to grow going into late Spring and Summer.

For more lawn care tips or to have Corona Landscape keep your lawn on schedule this Spring and Summer, contact us today.