Spring Landscaping in Arizona: How to Plant for Beauty and Color Impact (Part 1 of 2)

Spring landscaping in Arizona can be one of your most rewarding home improvement projects.  The crisp days of winter are in the past and the blistering hot days of summer are hopefully a ways off.  You can enjoy the perfect temperatures, sunshine and turn your yard into a showcase of color!

The first step when preparing spring landscaping in Arizona is to plan carefully.  It’s tempting to load up on the beautiful, lush plants at your favorite home improvement store.  But, without the right planning, you could be throwing your money away.  You need to know what to buy for each area of your yard to give plants the best chance of thriving through the harsh summer ahead.

So, make sure you plan before you end up with a hodge-podge of ground cover, shrubs, flowers, trees and more.  Step back and look at the big picture.  Think about what you want your whole outside to look like.  Then, break your outside space into pieces to plan the exact placement of landscaping elements.

Proper planning takes time.  You need to explore the huge variety of landscaping options.  And you must research what plants will do best in various locations and conditions.

If you don’t have the time, energy or desire to undertake this project, you might consider getting professional help.  You could hire a local landscaping company to provide the necessary expertise.  An experienced landscaper will be able to present tons of options.  They’ll also know what and where to plant in your space.

Ideas for Spring Landscaping in Arizona

Flowering Blubs.  You also need to think about the months ahead and what you want landscaping-wise.  Spring landscaping in Arizona can impact your summer, fall and winter foliage.  For example, if you want flowers in the fall, you’ll need to plant bulbs in the spring.  Along those same lines, you’ll need to plant bulbs in the fall if you want certain types of spring flowers.

Flowering Trees.  One way to make a major landscaping impact is through flowering trees.  By including trees that produce magnificent color in spring landscaping in Arizona, you can change the entire look of your home during blooming times.

When you plant these trees in spring, you give them time to establish before the scorching summer heat.  And, they get their roots well established before a cold snap in winter.  Although you may have to wait a year to experience the spectacular color display, it will be well worth it when spring rolls around the following year.  Plant fragrant, flowering trees and you get an added bonus.

In part two of this series on spring landscaping in Arizona we will discuss landscaping shrubs, succulents and cacti. For more information on landscaping your yard for spring, contact Corona Landscape today.