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Residential Landscaping Ideas for Winter in the Desert

Tempe landscaperUnlike other areas of the country, the winter season is shorter in Tempe, lasting only December through April. Even then, temperatures will only drop to very cold levels for a few days, usually in January. The time for spring gardens is between February and May, so winter is the season to put in plants that would normally be grown in spring in other parts of the country. What should you plant? A good Tempe landscaper can provide plenty of suggestions for an attractive landscape or garden that will grow quickly. To get started, here are a few basic residential landscaping ideas for winters in the Arizona desert:


There are many types of flowers including annuals, perennials and wildflowers that can be planted in winter and be fully blooming in the spring. Flowers that do well in the winter desert include desert marigold, sage, honeysuckle and bird of paradise. Many of the autumn flowering plants do equally well in winter. Perennials that you can grow during this season include carnations and Iris, while bulbs like tulips and daffodils also tend to do well.


Plant herbs in winter and enjoy a fragrant garden in spring full of fresh and healthy aromatic plants that will also spice up any meal. Herbs will grow well in a section of the garden that gets sufficient amounts of sun, contains well drained soils and has great circulation. They can be grown in a patch or pots and other containers. Popular herbs that you can grow in winter include: dill, oregano, parsley and mint.


Many vegetables which can tolerate frost and require cold weather to germinate grow well in the desert winter. These include: broccoli, eggplant, peppers, melons and artichokes. Before you begin, consult with a Tempe landscaper to ensure proper growing procedures such as getting your soil tested and preparing seed beds well in advance to ensure that you have a supply of healthy, organic vegetables throughout the year.

Residential landscaping in the desert winter need not be a complicated process. By following a few basic rules such as selecting the right plants and planting at the appropriate time, you can have beautiful landscaping that will provide beautiful aesthetics to your home. The best way to get started is to contact a Tempe landscaper to make suggestions and help you begin with landscaping your home this winter. To learn more and to start a discussion on winter landscaping, contact Corona Landscape today or give us a call at 602-373-9100 to learn more about our residential landscaping services.

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