Residential Landscape Maintenance Services Part, 1

Are you looking for residential landscape maintenance services to maintain your outdoor living environment? This post will provide you with important information regarding the residential landscape maintenance services. The look of your property speaks volumes about you and your home and this post will discuss common services of a landscaper as well as how a landscaper can drastically improve the look of your property.

Residential Landscape Maintenance Services: Lawn Seeding & Fertilization
Lawn seeding and fertilization helps to renovate bare or weak lawns, without total reconstruction of a new lawn. This provides a very economical way to revitalize an existing lawn. The best time to do this is in the spring or early fall.

Residential Landscape Maintenance Services: Irrigation Adjustment & Repair
Timer Programming: Irrigation timers that are accessible will be programmed to deliver the proper amount of water to trees, shrubs and turf based on the season.

Irrigation System Inspection: Irrigation systems will be inspected periodically for proper functionality. Sprinklers and drip emitters will be replaced as needed and billed to you.

Residential Landscape Maintenance Services: Seasonal Cleanup

Spring Clean Up: A landscaper’s spring cleanup services should include cleaning all beds to remove leaves and debris from winter, hand raking lawn to remove twigs, dead foliage and leaves, cleaning eaves, fertilizing, replacing stones and rocks.

Fall Clean Up: A landscapers fall cleanup services should include cleaning all beds to remove leaves and debris from summer/fall, blowing all turf areas, cutting and raking dead foliage from plant beds, replacing stones and rocks.

Residential Landscape Maintenance Services: Landscape Installation
A residential landscape maintenance service should provide complete landscape installation services that include plants, trees, sod, sprinkler systems, drip systems, irrigation timers, granite, boulders, pavers, borders, flagstone, landscape lighting and most other landscaping construction and makeover projects.

A residential landscape maintenance services’ goal should be to take the day-to-day hassle out of maintaining your landscape by offering a variety of services and developing a long-term relationship with you. A residential landscape maintenance service should be able to provide weekly or bi-weekly service, or a custom schedule to fit your maintenance needs.

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