Residential Landscape Maintenance Services in Tempe, Part 2

Are you looking for residential landscape maintenance services in Tempe to maintain your outdoor living environment? This post will provide you with important information regarding the residential landscape services in Tempe. The look of your property speaks volumes about you and your home and this post will discuss common services of a landscaper as well as how a landscaper can drastically improve the look of your property.

Landscape Maintenance Services Tempe: Weekly Lawn Care & Maintenance

Mowing & Edging: Turf will be evenly mowed at a height most suitable for the variety and site. Concrete borders, curbs, walkways, driveways and bed lines will be edged with a string trimmer.

Shrub Care: Shrubs will be trimmed and pruned as needed.

Weeding: Planters, flowerbeds and granite areas will be weeded on each visit. Larger weeds will be pulled while smaller weeds will be sprayed with herbicide. There will always be some weeds in a healthy growing environment. Our goal is to control weeds without injury to plants, grass or trees.

Blowing & Debris Removal: All granite, concrete, patios, decks and driveways will be blown clean of debris on each visit. All grass clippings and other debris will be removed.

Tree Trimming: Trees will be trimmed up to 8 feet for the health and well being of the tree.

Granite: Granite 1/2 in size or smaller will be raked on a regular basis to maintain a fresh, clean appearance.

For more information about residential landscape maintenance services in Tempe, contact Corona Landscape.