Phoenix Landscaping: Preparing Your Landscape for Fall/Winter – Part 2

After the grass has been scalped, the seed is laid. This can be done using a drop seeder.

Once the seed has been laid, the watering schedule in the first two to three weeks is very important.   It is best to water four or five times during the day for short durations. The ground should be kept moist but not be soaking.

After two weeks from the seeding date one should start to see sprouts of the new grass appear. It’s important during first several weeks after planting that there is not a lot of activity on the new seed. Make sure to keep pets off the grass as much as possible. Sometimes it is easiest to use temporary fencing.

Preparing a lawn for the fall/winter can be time and labor intensive. While there are many factors to think of such as timing, watering, and cost many people do choose to have a green lawn year around. With some care and preparation one can have beautiful landscaping in the fall/winter just like they do in the spring/summer.

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