Phoenix Landscaping: Preparing Your Landscape for Fall/Winter – Part 1

Taking care of your lawn is a year-round job for a homeowner. Caring for Phoenix landscaping can seem difficult in the summer months because of the extreme heat. However, the fall/winter months are just as important for Phoenix landscaping. By taking the proper steps, your lawn can be green in any season of the year.

Most Phoenix homes have Bermuda grass planted in their yard. When fall arrives many homeowners are under the impression that their grass is “dying.” What is actually happening is the Bermuda is going into its dormant season.  This is part of the natural life cycle of Bermuda grass and shouldn’t worry the owner.

Bermuda grass usually enters the dormant cycle around mid-September. While the top of the lawn appears yellow and dead, the roots below are very much alive and preparing to bring new life in the spring. This is an important time in Phoenix landscaping. It is at this time that one should prepare to overseed their lawn with Ryegrass.

The best time to plant Ryegrass into Phoenix landscaping is when the night temperatures are consistently in the 60’s. When you are ready the lawn will need to be dethatched, or cut extremely low and thinned. Cutting the grass to around an inch and a half is usually the right level.

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