Mesa Landscape Maintenance: Weed Control

Do you have unwanted plants growing on your Mesa landscape? These unwanted plants are commonly referred to as weeds, and their seeds are carried to your Mesa landscape either by birds or wind. There are two common groups of weeds, broadleaf and grasses, and these weeds can be classified as perennials or annuals. Perennial weeds may infest your mesa landscape for several years, where as, annual weeds will die within the season. The weed control methods you choose will depend heavily on the type of weed that is infesting your landscape.

Mesa Landscape Maintenance Control

If your Mesa landscape has only a few weeds, mechanical removal is usually a viable option and may be the preferred method of removal. Mechanical removal can be completed with shovels, sharp hoes or by pulling the weed by hand. If you do decide to combat the weeds with an herbicide, it is important to choose an herbicide that will specifically target the weed and not harm your surrounding landscape. For example, if you use a grass killer on the nut sedge or crabgrass growing in your Bermuda lawn, the herbicide will not discriminate and kill the weed as well as the Bermuda grass.

In gravel areas, perennial and annual weeds can be controlled by applying post-emergent herbicides. Post-emergent herbicides are specifically designed to control weeds that have already sprouted and began growing. The most common post-emergent herbicides contain Glufosinate or Glyphosate as active ingredients and work by interfering with the weeds growth process. Both are non-selective and will kill both broadleaf and grass weeds.

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