Landscaping in Chandler: How to Get the Most from Your Landscaping Service (Part 1 of 2)

This blog post is the first of a 2-part series that will how to get the most of your landscaping service.

When it comes to landscaping in Chandler, you want to get the best possible service for your money.  Today’s landscaping options are diverse and widely available from a host of companies.

So how do you know what’s the right approach for you and your property?  The tips below will help maximize your landscaping dollars.

Evaluate Your Current Landscaping

Before you contact a professional landscaping company, analyze your entire project in detail.  Then, you can know where you’ll need help and what solutions would work for your situation.  And, you’ll be better equipped to evaluate the suggestions, options and quotes provided by prospective landscapers.

For example, be careful to consider the following guidelines for your landscaping in Chandler:

  • Make use of your existing landscaping as much as possible.  Before you rip anything up, determine if you can take advantage of what you already have.  Trees and other plants can remain beautiful elements of your landscaping.  If need be, they can be relocated to other areas of your yard.

Trees, shrubs and other plants need to be planted in the most ideal location for them to thrive.  Your landscaping company will help determine the most aesthetic location with the right conditions for each plant to do its best.

  • Do you have issues you’d like to resolve, like noise or privacy?  If your property borders a street, a school, a parking lot, or any other neighborhood drawback, you can use your landscaping in Chandler options to address these problems.

Fences are the first line of attack.  They will establish a sound barrier and reduce line of sight into your yard.  They will also frame your landscaping project and can add visual appeal.

You can consider thick shrubs to absorb noise and provide privacy. You can also replace the external noise with beautiful sounds of your own.  A water feature or even outdoor speakers will help create the background noise you’ll enjoy hearing!

  • If you’ve got a small front or back yard, which is quite common for landscaping in Chandler, you want to leverage your space effectively.  Professional landscapers know the tricks of the trade to capitalize on your existing yard space.

You’ll be able to landscape your yard to function the way you’ll use it.  Creating spaces for relaxing and entertaining will factor into your overall landscaping plan.

  • Always consider the maintenance involved in any landscaping in Chandler project.  You don’t want to have to replace a lot of dying plants.  If you plan on maintaining a new landscape yourself, make sure your landscaper provides low maintenance plants.  Or, contract with your landscaping company to perform the regular maintenance to keep your yard looking its best.
  • Irrigation is a critical aspect of your landscaping project, even if you hire a professional to maintain your yard.  Your landscaping in Chandler will work best when an irrigation system is programmed for its exact watering needs.  You’ll also conserve water and save money with a properly installed irrigation system.

For more information about Chandler landscaping, continue to visit our blog or contact Corona Landscape.