Landscape Maintenance Phoenix: Job Description

Are you considering a career as a specialist of landscape maintenance in Phoenix? Are you considering acquiring the services of a specialist of landscape maintenance in Phoenix? Then this blog post is for you. This article will provide a brief job description of a landscape maintenance specialist as well as provide information about the common daily duties of specialist of landscape maintenance in Phoenix.

Groundskeeping or landscape maintenance is the art or vocation of keeping various landscapes clean, healthy, attractive and safe. Common types of landscapes that are maintained by a specialist of landscape maintenance in Phoenix include yards, gardens, parks, estates or institutional settings. A groundskeeper uses supplies, knowledge, physical exertion, tools and skills to plan or carry out annual or bi-annual plantings and harvests, periodic fertilizing and weeding, snow removal, swimming pool care, fencing, lighting, driveway and path maintenance, runoff drainage, irrigation, shrub pruning and other lawn care as well as other measures to improve plants, topsoil and garden accessories.

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