Importance of Seasonal Yard Cleanup

seasonal yard cleanupOne aspect of a landscaping program that often gets overlooked is the seasonal cleanup. It’s easy to underestimate the importance of this routine task, but regular cleanup efforts throughout the year are essential in order to keep the lawn and property looking its best. In addition, this serves as a sort of “checkup” for your landscaping, as it is an opportunity for any potential problems to be detected and addressed before they progress into a bigger issue.

What exactly does a seasonal cleanup entail? That varies somewhat depending on the time of year. One of the basic tasks for a cleanup at any time is to clean all plant beds and remove leaves and other debris that may have gathered up during the last few months. In spring, we also remove any dead foliage remaining from winter, and clean the eaves.

In fall, we clear off all turf areas, cut weeds and also perform any necessary raking. In addition, we take care of the fertilizing and granite refresh tasks at the same time.

Don’t risk letting your lawn’s health and appearance suffer. Make sure seasonal cleanups are a regular part of your landscape maintenance routine.

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