Hiring a Chandler Landscaper? Things You Should Know… Part 2

Planning to hire a Chandler landscaper to give your yard a makeover? Hold the phone. There are certain facts that need to be established before you ever sign the contract. Not knowing the following will cost you time as well as money. Improving your yard is a big investment in the value of your home. Make sure you are getting the bang for your buck from your Chandler landscaper. Don’t forget to check out Part 1 of this series if you haven’t already done so!

What Services Do They Specialize In?
A Chandler landscaper generally has certain services he or she specializes in. If you’ve got a job that has specific specialized needs, its best to make sure it’s their bag. If you need handcrafted stone work, masonry experience is essential. If you’re revamping a flower garden, a green thumb is a must.

Deciding Quotes
Start with a large Chandler landscaper list and narrow it down to your top 3. Base your decision on pricing, specialization, and experience. Next, ask for quotes. Be sure to find out the reasoning behind the quotes, as the best decision isn’t always based on the price tag. Some Chandler landscapers may offer higher estimates because they’ll do better work. They will use better materials and better equipment. The extra price may be worth the job. Get the full facts behind the price when making your decision.

Problems to Watch For
Shrubs and plants can die easily in landscaping operations. Will your landscaper replace them for you? Watch for contractors that go for cheap parts to control their costs. Inquire about additional charges. Some contractors will sneak in extras that can significantly raise the fees. Paying higher for extra service might be a good idea, but you need to clearly know all the fees ahead of time.

These are facts you need to know when hiring a Chandler landscaper. It pays to be an educated consumer. You’ll get a quality job at a more efficient cost when you do your homework ahead of time.

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