Hire a Gilbert Landscaper for Spring Lawn Care (Part 2 of 2)

This is the final part in a two part series. To read part one, click here.

Arizona does not see much of a winter, but with spring around the corner it is time to lock down a Gilbert landscaper for spring lawn preparation. Before temperatures begin to climb back up into triple digits, it is important to remember that proper spring lawn care can have a big impact on your lawn and landscaping around your home in the summer. Many lawns require professional Gilbert landscaper services such as fertilizing, aerating and seeding.

If your pre-winter beautiful lawn has turned into patches of yellow and brown, then it is best to hire a Gilbert landscaper to reseed your lawn where it has bare spots and thin areas. This is done by aerating the lawn, removing any thatch with a specialized thatch rake and adding a light dose of fertilizer. Heavy fertilization typically is not needed in the spring, and adding extra fertilizer at this point will not help the lawn’s root system. That is something that is typically done in the fall that helps with spring lawn preparation.

Nearly every lawn will require aeration at least once per year, which can aid in the growth of the lawn’s root system. You can often find at-home aeration products such as walking shoes with spikes, but the best aeration that your lawn could receive is from a professional Gilbert landscaper that has a commercial aerator. An easy way to check your lawn to see if needs aeration is to take a screwdriver and attempt to press it into the ground. If it won’t go into the soil or it is difficult to press in, you know your lawn needs to be aerated by a Gilbert landscaper.

It is a good idea to consult with a Gilbert landscaper if you have any questions about your lawn or landscaping needs. If you are considering a professional landscaping and lawn company, get at least two estimates, remember to ask any important questions upfront and feel comfortable with the company you choose based on their ability to complete your Gilbert landscaping needs the first time around.

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