Hire a Gilbert Landscaper for Spring Lawn Care (Part 1 of 2)

Arizona does not see much of a winter, but with spring around the corner it is time to lock down a Gilbert landscaper for spring lawn preparation. Before temperatures begin to climb back up into triple digits, it is important to remember that proper spring lawn care can have a big impact on your lawn and landscaping around your home in the summer. Many lawns require professional Gilbert landscaper services such as fertilizing, aerating and seeding.

  • Fertilizing – Adding organic or inorganic material that is added to the lawn’s soil to supply the required nutrients and minerals that is essential for proper lawn growth.
  • Aerating – Adds “air gaps” to the soil, improves drainage, allows for the absorption of the fertilizer and allows new grass seeds to directly contact the soil.
  • Seeding – Required to start a new lawn or as an alternative to laying sod, it is the least expensive way to transform your soil into a beautiful lawn.

You might have left your lawn care slide a little over the winter months and one of the first things that should be done by a Gilbert landscaper in early spring is removing any debris that has accumulated over the past few  winter months. The early spring months in March or April is a great time to start seeding new lawns due to the favorable weather conditions, as long as the triple-digit heat has not yet set in.

In part two of this post, we will continue to discuss how a Gilbert landscaper can prep your lawn in the spring for a beautiful landscape in the summer. Contact Corona Landscape today for all of your spring lawn care needs.