Easy Tips for Winter Landscaping in Arizona

winter landscaping in ArizonaFor many homeowners here in the Valley, winter months are great for outdoor activities such as barbecuing, having company, and playing sports. It’s also a time for holidays, families and often, stress. One thing that is sometimes a concern is how to transition the yard healthfully through these winter months. Winter landscaping in Arizona is important because many of the plants that grow in our landscape need special attention during these colder months.

Here are a few tips to winter landscaping in Arizona:

  1. The first thing you want to remember is to cover your plants at night. Not all of them need to be covered, so talk to Corona Landscape to be sure you are covering the right ones. If you do not cover the cold-sensitive plants they could die when the first frost hits. Once they die it is hard to get them back and most of the time you have to end up planting a new one. You should keep an eye out for frost dates and continue to cover your plants any night a frost is expected until late spring.
  2. Many people with grass want to keep their lawn looking beautiful all year long. However, without special  attention, you’ll have a dry, dead, brown lawn with the change of the seasons. In order to prevent this from happening we recommend overseeding with ryegrass and then covering it with a natural fertilizer each month through the winter. This will give you a lush, green lawn all winter long.
  3. Another important thing to remember for winter landscaping in Arizona is maintenance. You want to make sure the lawn is mowed (mow just before you apply fertilizer), the plants are trimmed and weeds are taken care of. The easiest way to take care of weeds in the winter is to use a pre-emergent weed control that will prevent any unwanted growth.

By following these three easy steps you should be able to keep your landscape looking beautiful all winter long. Your friends and family will be so impressed and when you go through Corona Landscape, you won’t have to stress one bit.