Easy Ideas for Commercial Landscaping in Arizona

Having a commercial property can limit what you can do for landscaping and curb appeal, since you need space for parking and other issues that might not matter as much in a residential¬†application. Still, commercial landscaping in Arizona can be very beautiful if it’s done correctly.

You’ll want to keep it simple, but simple doesn’t have to mean bland or boring. There are plenty of simple things you can do that will provide you with a lot of beauty in your landscape without spending a lot of money or taking up room that’s needed for customers.

Native Plants are a Great Choice

If you focus on using plants that are native to Arizona, you won’t have to spend as much to water them. You’ll also find that they grow better and take less time to cultivate since you don’t have to do much but plant them and leave them alone. Occasional pruning and weeding might be necessary, but other than that you can just enjoy the way they look. A good landscaping service can give you suggestions on what plants you’ll want to use so you get plants that look great and don’t require too much of your time or money to keep.

Consider the Space You Have Available

You may not want to take up a lot of space with your landscaping, but you can certainly make a small space look great. With some gravel or low-growing ground cover, you won’t need to worry about a big patch of grass. You can also have larger rocks or boulders brought in to put into rock gardens, which will look great with the landscape and don’t have to take up much room.

Also, carefully consider the height of the plants you buy for your landscaping. You don’t want them to block windows or door areas, so you’ll need to make sure of the size and how fast they grow. Your landscaper can help you find just the right thing to make your business’ landscaping stand out.