Don’t Just Landscape, Xeriscape

xeriscapeFor those of you that are unfamiliar with the term, Xeriscape means to landscape in a way that removes or reduces your need for irrigation. In Arizona it is a very popular landscaping method and can be seen all over the state.

Benefits of Xeriscape:

  1. Easy on your wallet One of the greatest benefits to the Xeriscape method is that it saves you a lot of money on energy and water. Especially those homes or businesses that have large lots, maintaining a lush landscaping can be quite expensive.
  2. Good for the environment It is no secret that Arizona is a dry, desert state with little rain and water supply. Many of our native plants are used to long droughts and can live with minimal water. Xeriscape works with the environment to landscape using these native plants, rocks, stone, and other materials to make for a less water-dependent landscape.
  3. Blends well with the surroundings Because we live in the desert, Xeriscape landscaping fits right in in our neighborhoods and building complexes. There are still many areas with grass and water-dependent plants, but if you look around the majority of landscaping is very “deserty”.
  4. Visually appealing There are many ways to make Xeriscape visually appealing, including by using beautiful rocks, flagstone, pavers, boulders, and native desert plants. You might be thinking the only plant that grows well here naturally is cactus, but actually there are many beautiful plants that grow well in Arizona, including Flame Honeysuckle, a variety of Bird of Paradise, a variety of Hibiscus and beautiful Sunflowers. There are also a variety of beautiful trees and cacti that you can plant.

So if you are thinking of renewing your landscape, eliminating or reducing your water usage or landscaping for the first time, consider Xeriscape, a great method of landscaping here in Phoenix and the surrounding area.