Creating Beautiful Residential Landscaping in Arizona

People who move to the desert from other areas of the country are often at a loss as to how to handle residential landscaping in Arizona. They may be used to yards full of grass and big trees, and those aren’t commonly seen in most parts of the desert Southwest. Even though the landscaping will need to be handled differently, there’s still plenty you can do in order to have a great looking yard in the desert at any time of year.

Consider Non-Living Alternatives

Rather than try to put grass, flowers, trees, and other plants throughout the entire yard, consider ways to landscape with rocks, gravel, and man-made items. Some people have “grass” that’s actually made from plastic or rubber products, and it’s not hard to build flower beds that actually house gravel and succulents like cactus.

By mixing living and non-living options for landscaping, you can create something that has a lot of visual interest but that doesn’t have to be watered or worried about. Your lawn area can look great without much need to do anything with it on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis.

Use Native Plants

Another great way to create residential landscaping in desert environments is to make sure that you use plants that are native to the area. Cacti are popular choices, but there are other options as well. If you choose plants that are native, you don’t have to water them as much – and that can save you big on both time and money.

You can either lay out a plan for your yard, or you can get a professional to do it for you. Decide where the plants should go and what other features you want in your yard. Then you can have landscaping that fits with the desert environment but also fits with your personality and the way you want your yard to look. That will help make you happy in your new home.