Chandler Summer Landscaping: Seasonal Color Combo Ideas and Gardening Tips

chandler summer landscapingSummer heat can tax even our toughest desert adapted plants. But do not worry, there are a wide range of colorful combinations to choose from that will keep your home’s summer landscape looking fresh and colorful.

According to educational materials published by the Water Conservation offices of the City of Chandler, here are some recommended seasonal color combinations with desert-adapted plants:

  • Red Bird of Paradise & yellow flowering selections. A hardy summer shrub combination is the interplanting of the red Bird of Paradise in contrast with the yellow flowering selections of this plant.
  • Queen’s Wreath or Coral Vine & Yuca Vine. A summer vine combination is red flowers of Coral Vine interplanted with Yuca Vine with brilliant yellow flowers.
  • Purple Ruellia &Yellow Bells. The brilliant yellow flowers of shrubby Yellow Bells works well with the purple flowers of the Purple Ruellia.
  • Thunder Cloud Sage & Yellow Bells. The gray foliage and intense purple flowers of Thunder Cloud Sage provides distinctive contrast to Yellow Bells with its vivid yellow flowers and green foliage.

Corona Landscape also recommends the following desert climate gardening and lawn tips during the hot summer months:

June and July

  • Known as the driest months of the year, keep in mind that your plants may need more watering during this time period. Be careful to not overwater.
  • Water flower beds every other day. Before fertilizing, make sure soil is moist
  • Mulch around heat sensitive plants to keep the roots cool and moist.
  • Transplant desert trees, such as mesquites and desert shrubs, along with palm trees.
  • Prune bougainvillea and lantana bushes.


  • Desert plants can still be planted during August, but they will need daily watering until the fall as they become established.
  • Keep mulch around the base of heat sensitive plants.
  • Did you know that melons do well when planted during August? Also, fertilize fall ripening fruit and citrus trees late in the month, including oranges and tangerines.
  • If roses are showing yellow, supplement their soil with iron to return proper coloring.
  • Prepare flowerbeds for fall plantings by irrigating and covering with clear plastic for six weeks.
  • Begin planting seeds for fall vegetables, such as broccoli, cabbage, kale and squash.

By following some of above, summer desert plant care and gardening tips, you’ll be able to enjoy your desert garden now and for many seasons to come. Call Corona Landscape at 602-373-9100 for landscaping in Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Ahwatukee and Ocotillo.