Autumn Landscaping in Arizona

Autumn landscaping in ArizonaAutumn in Arizona has distinct benefits for the landscaper because autumn’s cooler air temperatures are easier on both plants and homeowners. The soil is still warm, so if you do some new planting the roots will grow right away. But even if you are just transplanting the warm soil means less of a shock for the plant.

Autumn also means different flowering plants. Because Arizona has sun all year round, there are always plants blooming and those plants will add color to your landscaping. According to educational materials published by the Water Conservation offices of the City of Chandler, here are some autumn color combinations with desert-adapted plants:

Autumn Sage and Mt. Lemmon Marigold. These are two fall blooming desert shrubs which make a beautiful combination. Autumn Sage has red flowers which contrast with the intense yellow flowers of the Mt. Lemmon Marigold.

Hummingbird Trumpet and Prairie Zinnia. This is another beautiful color combination. The red flowers of the Hummingbird Trumpet stand out brightly in contrast to the yellow flowers of ground-covering Prairie Zinnia.

Mexican Bird of Paradise and Pink Muhly. The Mexican Bird of Paradise is a shrub-like plant with brilliant yellow flowers. It provides a dramatic background for the Pink Muhly, which has burgundy-red flowers.

Black Dalea and Turpentine Bush. The brilliant reddish-violet flowers of Black Dalea provide a stunning contrast to the yellow flowers of Turpentine Bush.

Cape Honeysuckle and Turpentine Bush. The glossy green leaves and bright orange flowers of the Cape Honeysuckle combine beautifully with the yellow flowers and dark green foliage of Turpentine Bush.

Pink Trumpet Vine and Mexican Bird of Paradise. The glossy green leaves and lavender-pink flowers of the Pink Trumpet Vine contrast delightfully with the bright yellow flower clusters of the Mexican Bird of Paradise.

Pink Muhly and Pink Trumpet Vine. Pink Muhly’s burgundy-red flowers provide a balanced and blended accent to the lavender-pink flowers of the Pink Trumpet Vine.

Thunder Cloud Sage and Yellow Dot. Thunder Cloud Sage has silvery-gray foliage and purple blooms which provide a beautiful contrast to the bright green foliage and small yellow flowers of the Yellow Dot.

Autumn flowering plants can add beauty to your yard and home. If you would like to discuss color combinations for your home or want to learn more about autumn landscaping, contact Corona Landscape today at 602-373-9100 or send us an email.