Ahwatukee Landscaping: Basic Tips for Shrubs and Cacti (Part 2 of 2)

You’ve made a significant investment in your Ahwatukee landscaping and you want to make sure you enjoy your yard for years to come.  The first step involves learning how to provide that care.  Even if you hire a professional Ahwatukee landscaping company to provide regular maintenance, it’s important to know what type of care is required for shrubs and cacti.


With regards to watering, more care should be provided in the spring and summer months versus the fall and winter months.  For new shrubs, the first six weeks will be most important in terms of proper care.  More water is required during this time for plants established in spring or summer months.

In general, the soil of newly planted shrubs should be kept moist for the first two weeks, or until you see new growth.  After that, you should water shrubs based on the guidelines for the particular species.

Regarding pruning, less is better when it comes to shrubs.  You want to prune to maintain a natural shape and to allow sun to hit the lower branches of the shrub.  And, pruning should be avoided during any periods frost may occur.

Cacti and Succulents

Symbolic of Arizona landscapes, cacti and succulents adapt well to harsh desert environments.  They tolerate sun, heat and low water extremely well.  Although they require less care than other Ahwatukee landscaping elements, they do require some attention.

A good rule of thumb would be to water your cacti and succulents once a month, depending on the amount of rain received during that period.  Extra watering can promote more growth and flowering, but it can also cause some problems.  If you over-water cacti and succulents, you increase the risk of pest attacks and the plant not surviving.

Hiring an Ahwatukee Landscaping Company

For all Ahwatukee landscaping, irrigations systems can help establish proper times and amounts of water.  Each plant will require different irrigation levels.  A qualified landscaper can install the right systems for all of your plants and simplify the overall process for you.

In addition, maintenance can be handled by a landscaping company to ensure the best care of your plants, especially if you’re pressed for time.  Many homeowners find hiring an Ahwatukee landscaping company to be a smart decision to protect their investment. Contact Corona Landscaping today!