Tempe Landscaping Company, Corona Landscape, Suggests Valley Homeowners Prepare Plants and Lawns for Dropping Temperatures

Chandler, Ariz. December xx, 2013 – Tempe landscaping company, Corona Landscape, provides landscaping tips for homeowners in the Phoenix area.  With the Valley now experiencing much cooler weather, homeowners must be sure to cover frost-sensitive plants whenever temperatures dip below freezing.  For hardy plants, homeowners can leave them uncovered and then cut them back in the spring to promote fresh growth.

For winter rye lawns, homeowners should fertilize them one more time before the end of December.  Watering of lawns and plants can be cut back during the winter months.

Other landscaping tasks include clearing out dead plants, especially annuals, to make room for new plant growth in the spring.  Old plant debris can be added to a compost pile for rich planting soil in the spring.

Deciduous trees, roses and bushes can be pruned before the growing season begins during the latter part of February.  Winter is also a great time to plant bare root trees and shrubs, including roses.  To ensure healthy growth in the spring, homeowners should plant bare root trees and shrubs in January or February.

If the Valley experiences a mild winter, homeowners can plant a variety of bulbs and seeds to experience a beautiful spring growing season. However, sensitive plants should not be planted until after freezing temperatures subside.  Typically, the frost season ends after the middle of February in the Phoenix area.

“Even though much of your landscaping may become dormant during winter, Phoenix area homeowners still need to proactively manage it,” said Ed Bambauer, owner of Corona Landscape.  “By properly caring for your lawn and plants during the winter months, homeowners can be sure their landscapes are ready for the spring growing season.”


About Corona Landscape

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